Q. Should I hire a recruiter to help me land a job?
Not unless you’ve tried every other option available to you.  Hiring a recruiter who takes a percentage of your salary if they place you instead of charging the employer is a model that exists in most industries.  However, unless you know someone who got their job through one of these recruiters and can attest to this, I would be very cautious in proceeding because there are many people out there who are claiming to be “recruiters” who say they can get you a job and they can’t.  In no way should you pay up front for any services for a recruiter claiming to get you work. Ask to see their list of placements and references you can call to verify before you engage the services of a paid recruiter.
Q. I’m trying to ask the recruiter for some feedback on my resume but they won’t tell me how well I did on the interview or how my resume looks in comparison with the other candidates?  Is this typical not to expect any feedback from the recruiter?
Recruiters are busy, busy, busy, even when they are not actively recruiting!  It’s hard to make time for follow up with every candidate even if they thought you were qualified for the job.  That’s no excuse for good manners however so if you’ve asked for feedback, followed up and still have gotten no response, chances are you 1) are not in serious consideration for the job; 2) they’ve made another hiring decision; 3) just too busy to let the candidates know the status of the job.  In any case, you need to take responsibility and either decide to keep pestering the recruiter which may not bode well for you, or just give it up and move on to the next job.  There are plenty of other jobs out there so don’t stay stuck wondering what happened.
Q. I just graduated from a good school but I can’t seem to get a job offer even for an entry-level job.  How do I break into the business when I have no contacts?
We all have contacts-have you ever heard the term six-degrees of separation?  With social media tools like Facebook and LinkedIn you will undoubtedly have someone who knows someone who knows someone-anyway, you get the picture. Make an effort to expand your network if your immediate circle of friends can’t seem to connect you to the right people.  Join industry specific associations, networking mixers, seminars, etc where you can meet and network with new contacts. It’s easier these days than ever before to expand your network, just make sure you are targeting the right groups and associations in the industry you want to break into for maximum results.
Q. When is asking my business colleague for an introduction to a top executive that I don’t know appropriate?
Never feel shy or embarrassed in asking for help whether it’s in looking for a job or in asking for an introduction for a potential job.   If your colleague is uncomfortable with the request for whatever reason it is up to them to let you know if the request is appropriate or not.  Do not second guess your self in these matters.  If you need an in to a company or to a particular individual and someone can help you, ask for the help.  You never know when you will be in a similar position to help someone in the future that may ask you for the same assistance.
Q. I just got fired without any warning.  What are my chances in this job market to find a comparable position?
Everyone has a chance for a job in this market.  It may take some time however regardless of the circumstances.  You will need to address how you will present yourself on interviews given your particular situation.  In this scenario, and because I don’t know the reasons behind the termination, less is more.  If you are asked why you had left your last job you will need to let them know there was a change in the work situation and you were no longer needed in that job.  It’s as honest and direct as you are going to get without getting into the drama of not knowing why you were fired and what may or may not have happened.  This will leave the prospective employer uneasy and you will definitely not get the job.  Keeping it honest and light and focusing on what you can bring to the table will position you in the right way to be a serious candidate for the position.