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Virtual Reality Jobs

The newest sector in entertainment that incorporates all this high tech maneuvering is virtual reality. If you're looking to get a virtual reality job, now is a great time to get that training or brush up on your education. More and more industries are looking for talent in this arena. As of last year, according to Road to VR, there were only 12,000 candidates with VR experience across the U.S. Washington D.C. and Silicon Valley house the most viable candidates, 11% and 3% respectively. Just this past March, 200 companies were looking to staff in this area according to the same publication. If you have this skillset, you are in demand.

Most of the companies looking for VR artists want talent for Software Developer (Applications), Computer Systems Analyst, Computer User Support Specialist, and Network and Computer Systems Administrator jobs.

We all read about that $2 billion acquisition of Oculus VR by Facebook and didn't drop but threw our jaws to the floor. If we know anything about Mark Zuckerberg, he does set trends and he is calling the VR headset the "new smartphone." And Oculus released its first ever VR film in January of 2015 and plans to keep releasing more and more content. Oculus' main competitor Samsung, maker of the Gear VR, just recently reached a milestone of over 1 million Gear users.

The two biggest players hiring in VR are Apple and Google. In late May of this year Google posted eight full-time VR positions continuing to build their dedicated VR division. Microsoft has its own skin in the game with its augmented reality headset called the HoloLens.

According to SmartRecruiters-a recruiting firm based in San Francisco that helped staff 1.5 million jobs in the past year and executes recruiting responsibilities for nearly 700 customers like Marc Jacobs, Equinox Fitness, and Ubisoft, the first quarter of this year has spawned more VR job postings than all of 2015. American companies are responsible for more than half of those postings, followed by France.

SmartRecruiters is finding that the majority of the job listings are more technical, related to software engineering work.

Here's a look at Hot Jobs in Virtual Reality according to SVVR and Road to VR:

    Computer Vision Manager*, 0-2 years experience, $85K+

    VR Game Demonstrator , 0-2 years experience, $85K+

    VR Game Engineer, 1-3 years experience, $100K-$150K

    Release Engineer, 1-3 years experience, $150K+

    Optic Design Engineer, 1-3 years experience, $150K+

    Software Engineer, 1-3 years experience, $150K+

    Sr. VR Producer, 1-3 years experience, $90K-$140K

    VR Engineering Director, 1-3 years experience, $170K-$200K

    VR Creative Director, 1-3 years experience, $150K+

    Unity Director, 1-3 years experience, $110K-$140K

    3D Generalist, 0-2 years experience, $125K+

    VR Mobile Developer, 0-2 years experience, $125K+

    VR Engine Developer, 0-2 years experience, $140K+

    This was the hottest VR job according to Smart Recruiters

Here's a look at Hot Virtual Reality Jobs, according to Payscale, Glass Door and Angel.

    VR Engineering Director, 1-3 years experience, $170K+

    Android Engineer, 1-3 years experience, $95K-$150K

    Front End Engineer, 0-2 years experience, $150K+

    Unity Engineer, 0-2 years experience, $85K-$110K

    VR Mobile Director, 2-3 years experience, $90K-$130K

Many also expect VR to change the way people work, increasing the drive to more online positions, contract positions, and will allow communication to happen more instantaneously.

A technical aspect of VR that companies are looking to improve on is the technology's lack of sense of touch. Oculus Rift VR doesn't currently have motion controllers but they are working on incorporating that capability along with other competitors. The other unicorn functionality for VR is wireless capability. But the hardware development is far surpassing the breakthroughs in wireless technology so wireless VR doesn't appear to be in our near future.

And according to EdSurge, VR may be a helpful combatant against distraction and lack of focus, something employers will be happy to hear. When gaming or using simulations, many people are able to engage for longer periods of time. We remember 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, and up to 90% of what we simulate or do according to recent research. And of course VR offers the latter. The use of VR in classrooms just reiterates how much we are already begin to embed the technology in a multi-faceted way to our daily existence, hence Zukerberg's smartphone analogy. When technology permeates our routine, that's when it becomes necessary. Necessary leads to job stability. And we can anticipate that for our future in regard to VR.

If making the impossible possible through visual manipulation is your MO, there are a lot of work opportunities that are opening up in different ways every day.

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