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Video Production Jobs in Chicago

If you are interested in video production, Chicago provides the perfect blend of film, television, advertising, and news. Most video production professionals in Chicago work with news outlets, design companies, or advertising agencies, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Many people break into video production as a production assistant, editor, or camera operator. The production assistant and camera operator are on-set positions that will allow you to network with other crew members and gain essential on-set experience. The editor position is vital to the success of any production, and editors will work closely with the producers and directors of any production to make sure the final product has the right rhythm and pacing.

Some of the top cities for finding jobs in video production tend to be Los Angeles, NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, and Miami. You could build a successful career in video production in any one of these cities. However, out of those cities, Chicago ranks fourth in terms of the total number of video production jobs available and the average level of salaries in the field. Among those cities, about 6% of all video production jobs are located in Chicago.

According to Glassdoor, some of the highest-rated video production companies in Chicago include Turner Broadcasting, Ogilvy, Conde Nast, Plan B, and Tribune Media.

The top ranked schools in Chicago with programs and degrees in video production are Columbia College Chicago ($41,850 per year, out-of-state), Northwestern University ($48,624 per year, out-of-state), and University of Chicago ($50,997 per year, out-of-state), according to rankings published by the Hollywood Reporter and Hack College in 2016.

In Chicago, the most popular video production jobs are Editors, Directors, Writers, Production Assistants, Producers, Art Directors, and Set Designers.

Professionals working in video production in Chicago also tend to work in the following industries, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics: Advertising, Corporate Videos/Presentations, Blog or Vlog Production, Marketing, Design, Technology-Media Companies.

The following are estimates of salaries and wages for video production jobs in Chicago, which were compiled from, Glassdoor, and the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Cinematographers and Photographers - $51,000 per year, or $24.52 per hour

Reporter I - $35,000 per year, or $16.83 per hour

Reporter II - $41,000 per year, or $19.71 per hour

Broadcast Technicians - $48,000 per year, or $23.08 per hour

Editors - $66,000 per year, or $31.73 per hour

Senior Videographers - $63,000 per year, or $30.29 per hour

Creative Managers - $87,000 per year, or $41.83 per hour

Set Designers - $60,000 per year, or $28.85 per hour

Producer and Directors - $88,000 per year, or $42.31 per hour

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