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Yes, Miami is a great spot to increase your melanin, learn how to roller blade in a bikini, and try off your best one-liners to get past a nightclub bouncer. But it's also a great location to distribute and produce. Miami serves as one of the largest production and distribution centers for film, television, commercial advertising, music, still photography and new media.

The greater film and entertainment sector is responsible for $2 billion of the Miami-Dade County local economy and employs roughly 15,000 people across its 3,000 companies.

In specifically production, Miami hosts about 1,000 film shoots annually, and generates roughly $150 million in revenue to the local economy. This year-to-date, $47 million has been spent in production dollars in Miami, across 250 productions registered with the Miami Film Commission.

True Lies, The Birdcage, Ride Along 2, Wild Things, Out of Sight, and There's Something About Mary were all executed in Miami, aka The Magic City.

Television is also no stranger to Miami. The following shows were shot on location in Miami:

  1. Miami Vice (NBC)
  2. Burn Notice (USA)
  3. Magic City (Starz)
  4. CSI: Miami (CBS)
  5. MTV's Video Music Awards (MTV)
  6. South Beach (Hulu)
  7. Miami Animal Cops (Animal Planet)
  8. Dexter (Showtime)
  9. Miami Ink (Discovery)
  10. Kourtney and Kim Take Miami (E!)
  11. Nip/Tuck (FX)
  12. Gentle Ben (CBS)
  13. Flipper (NBC)
  14. The Real World (MTV)
  15. Road Rules (MTV)
  16. Latin Grammy's (CNN)

In the late '90s, Spanish-language television began to proliferate in South Florida and that field continues to grow. Telemundo (now owned by parent company Comcast) and Venevision are both headquartered in South Florida. Univision has content creation facilities in Miami working in tandem with its headquarters in New York and office in Los Angeles.

The average salary range for an employee at Telemundo is $50-90K and employs a workforce of 83% females.

Univision's salary range is a bit wider, roughly $25K-$95K and employs about 62% men and 38% women, according to Given that the Latino community is the fastest growing minority group in the U.S., this sector of entertainment is only going to get bigger and bigger. This can only mean future job growth for Spanish-language content and for the predominant locale that houses its biggest players.

The types of hot jobs we find in Miami can range from local production jobs (for those shows that shoot on location) to international distribution jobs, i.e., sales, development and marketing. Miami is a hub for many large broadcasters and cable companies, including independent production companies to have an international arm which deals with program and content distribution globally. Being bi-lingual in Spanish or other languages is a BIG plus when it comes to landing jobs in the international distribution and content development field. You will interact with counterparts around the world buying and selling program content and knowing how to negotiate contracts, understand pricing models and the in/outs of production costs, timelines and "what sells" are great assets to have if you are looking for work in this dynamic and exciting area.

Although Miami is a "hub" for these types of positions the growth opportunities can be limited. Many of the other international distribution arms are based either abroad or in the larger markets like NY and LA. Pay scales in Miami can be challenging as the local market has seen an increase of jobs and in pay for some of these highly sought after jobs. After all, many of the top talent needs to be recruited to Miami from NY, LA or Chicago so the pay, benefits and relocation package, if offered needs to be attractive as well, further increasing the pay scale in the Miami market. This does not mean that you have to take a pay cut to live and work in Miami but it does set you up for some exciting new opportunities when and if you choose to make Miami more than just a destination place and add it to your list of locations to consider for employment opportunities.

Along with breaking ground with Spanish-language television, Miami also is a big destination for Spanish-language music labels. Sony, BMI and EMI are all located in Miami or in the surrounding area.

Telemundo locally broadcasts the Billboard Latin Music Awards, the longest-running and most heralded show in the Latin music world. This year DishLATINO partnered up with the Billboard Latin Music Awards which broadcasted to 5.5 million viewers and was a worldwide trending topic across the biggest social media platforms.

You do not have to be abroad to work in the international market of entertainment. Miami places you in a hub of entertainment with a large focus on a part of the industry that is only growing. Forbes ranked Miami the No. 1 happiest place to work, factoring in: work-life balance, employee and employer relationships, general work environment, compensation, opportunities for advancement, company culture and resources. The beach almost got its own category.

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