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You can' t throw a rock in Los Angeles without hitting someone who works in entertainment. Home to Hollywood, Los Angeles continues to serve as the primary hub for this industry.

The "Big Six" studios, Paramount, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, Columbia, Universal, Disney all run their operations in Los Angeles. Disney is the only one whose parent company is headquartered in Los Angeles. When once these studios were the entire system of a production, they mostly now function as backers and distributers to smaller production companies such as Lionsgate or MGM. They are like parents giving their kids a limited allowance to make good decisions. Much like adolescence, the results are varied.

The Big Six also run subsidiaries with their own distribution networks such as Sony's Screen Gems and Fox Searchlight which are based out of Los Angeles. So if working for the biggest players in the industry is your goal, there are lot of ways to be part of the system if you are in Los Angeles.

The city recently doubled down on its investment into entertainment by passing a $330 million tax credit program for film and television. This means more production in the city of Los Angeles which means more jobs in the city of Los Angeles. Last year, the city added roughly 100,000 jobs, according to the City of Los Angeles.

Television has made its revival and Los Angeles has taken advantage of it - thank you Netflix and Amazon. The state tax incentive program included a grant to 11 television series that meant relocating four hit series including Veep and American Horror Story to Los Angeles. Although most sitcoms film on sound stages, on-location filming of TV sitcoms in Los Angeles doubled last year to 2,268 shooting days and TV dramas increased shooting days last year by almost 20%, according to Deadline.

A majority of current Series are filmed in Los Angeles and here a few you might recognize: Blackish, Dancing With The Stars, Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, Mom, Jane the Virgin, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, New Girl, Angie Tribeca, and Ellen.

And of course along with existing television content, there are pilots. Pilot season is to production companies as tax season is to accountants. Los Angeles was busier than it's been with pilots in a long time. In 2015, nearly half of the 202 pilots made for broadcast, cable and digital streaming, valued at $298 million were shot in Los Angeles according to The Hollywood Reporter. In the future, we will only see an increase in the percentage of pilots that are shot in Los Angeles. Pilots shot in Los Angeles in 2016 that got picked up to series:

ABC: Presence (ABC, ABCS) American Housewife (ABC, ABCS) Speechless (ABC, 20th Century) Notorious (Sony, ABC)


The Great Indoors (CBS, CBS)

Man with a Plan (3Arts, CBS)

Pure Genius (CBS, Uni/CBS)

Training Day (CBS, WBTV)


24: Legacy (Fox, 20th)

The Mick (Fox, 20th)

Son of Zorn (Fox, 20th)

Pitch (Fox, 20th)

Lethal Weapon (Fox, WBTV)


Untitled Dan Fogelman birthday dramedy (NBC, 20th)

Marlon (Universal, NBC)

Trial and Error (NBC, NBC)

This is Us (20th, NBC)

The Good Place (Universal, NBC)


No Tomorrow (CW, CBS)


A Futile and Stupid Gesture (Netflix, Abominable Pictures)

The Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix/Kapital Entertainment)

While television has been enjoying its revival, film is also back on the rise and making its way back to the city of Los Angeles. On-location filming in Los Angeles grew 1.3% in 2015 compared to a downturn in previous years according to the Los Angeles Times. And since this is the first time film budgets of $75 million or more have been eligible for tax incentives, we will see more and more of big screen productions happening in Los Angeles.

If animation is your specialty, there are other options than moving to Emeryville to get a job at Pixar. The Dreamworks Animation studio, which was just recently bought by NBC Universal for 3.8 billion, is located in Glendale (20 minutes from downtown Los Angeles,) and has such recent claims to fame as Home and How to Train Your Dragon.

Reality programming is also a big and rising player in the industry. Last year this genre accounted for 40% of all on-location production in Los Angeles. And the other cousin to scripted TV and film that boasts a huge presence in Los Angeles is gaming; a sector with a lot of jobs and a lot of money. And quantity doesn't always mean a lack of quality. Employees in gaming in this city make on average $103,000 according to Glass Door.

Entertainment includes production, post-production and all the standard business affairs that make this industry commercially viable like any other. If you're a job seeker looking for work in entertainment, now is a good time to look in Los Angeles. If you're an employer, you probably have some spots to fill.

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