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  • Sr. Rendering Engineer - ADG

    Lucasfilm, San Francisco, CA

    Listed 10 Days ago
    ADG develops tools and techniques for high-fidelity computer graphics and simulation. Our goal is to expand and enhance creative storytelling in the Star Wars universe through real-time rendering of film-quality imagery. Our work can also be seen powering many of the ILMxLAB immersive experiences.

  • SAN FRANCISCO Virtual Production Stage Technician

    Industrial Light & Magic, San Francisco, CA

    Listed 10 Days ago
    The Virtual Production Stage Technician will be responsible for the full cycle of systems and operations for ILM’s Virtual Production Stage Department, including but not limited to set up, shooting, processing and management of motion capture data ensuring quality guidelines and time frames ar...

  • SAN FRANCISCO Technical Assistant, Level II

    Industrial Light & Magic, San Francisco, CA

    Listed 10 Days ago
    The Technical Assistant II (TA) is responsible for overseeing all incoming and outgoing media to and from clients as well as outsourced vendors. TA’s are responsible for tracking and managing all digital information through the CG pipeline. Serves as the liaison for digital resources and data ...

  • SAN FRANCISCO Texture Artist

    Industrial Light & Magic, San Francisco, CA

    Listed 10 Days ago
    Creates the textures, colors, and organic surface qualities needed in the completion of CG creatures and hard-surface models used in production.

    • Works with production team (VFX Supervisor, Senior Texture Artist) to execute the desired look of CG models, including complex creatures and...

  • SAN FRANCISCO Senior Production Engineer

    Industrial Light & Magic, San Francisco, CA

    Listed 10 Days ago
    Production Engineering is a globally distributed team that develops tools and workflows which act as the foundational infrastructure for ILM’s other departments. As a member of PE’s Media team, your focus will be on the software and pipelines that ILM uses:

    • Ingest media ...

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San Francisco Jobs

Aside from the tri-state area of New York, San Francisco boasts more Fortune 500 headquarters than any other region.

The 800-pound, or we should say 800-byte digitally enhanced gorilla, in San Francisco is the tech sector of entertainment. If you like to play with 0's and 1's, you're in the right region and are arriving at the right time. Thanks to iPhones and HBO, we know that Silicon Valley is the destination for technology. The jobs that are most popular there are engineers, developers, and product managers.

Every time a bell rings, an angel investor gives their wings to a hot new startup CEO in the form of capital. You can check out any reputable business magazine for the startups to look out for and you will see that trend hunter based companies are trending. Everyone is still trying to figure out the digital space and a lot of smart people are using the internet to understand the internet. One Silicon Valley based company, Product Hunt, caught the eyes of the some of the most well-known tech investors. Product Hunt offers users, in a Reddit style, the latest on which mobile sites, apps, web sites and startups are the most popular day-to-day.

Another up-and-comer to keep an eye on is Pantheon which out of the gates had $17 million in startup funds. Patreaon, on Forbes' 2016 watch list, offers the largest crowdfunding resource to content creators (YouTubers, musicians, authors, writers, aka everyone.) The company, founded in 2013, already employs 40 people in the Bay Area.

Product Hunt and Patreon are part of the 13K plus startups with funding in the Bay Area that might be your next employer. And this of course is the startup market in San Francisco and its surrounding region. If you want to be on the work force for Google, Yahoo, or Apple, their headquarters are all in the Bay Area as well, specifically the Silicon Valley.

Oh and don't forget the biggest players in social media: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, all three in the top 30 best companies to work for in San Francisco, according to Glass Door.

Airbnb continues to impress not only travelers looking for a cheaper option but the people that work there. Glass Door voted Airbnb the number one place to work in San Francisco.

And even if you don't code or see the world in Java script, there are a plethora of other positions in the tech sector. Business development, marketing, finance, human resources, and facilities management are all in job market demand in the tech mecca.

The Bay Area is also home to some power players in film, animation, and gaming.

Here's a list of companies you could be looking to work for in the Bay Area:

  1. Electronic Arts in Redwood City
  2. Kerner Optical in San Rafael
  3. Lucasfilm Animation in San Rafael
  4. Netflix in Los Gatos
  5. Pandora Radio in Oakland
  6. Pixar in Emeryville
  7. Sega in San Francisco
  8. Skywalker Sound in San Rafael
  9. Sony Computer Entertainment in San Mateo
  10. Zynga in San Francisco

There are quite a bit of productions shot on location in and around San Francisco. A handful of TV series have been shot or are shooting in the Bay Area: including Silicon Valley, Looking and Million Dollar Listing San Francisco. Some notable films that were shot up in Northern California include Ant-Man, San Andreas, and Blue Jasmine.

Everyone is streaming Netflix now, literally. By 2010, Netflix was responsible for the biggest source of evening traffic in North America. Before the year is through, the company will have spent $6 billion dollars and produced 600 hours of original programming according to Entertainment Weekly. Some of the perks of working at this company, located an hour and half outside of San Francisco: unlimited vacation time for salaried employees, one year parental leave and the freedom to take any amount of a paycheck in the form of stock options, according to Glass Door.

If animation is your speed, there's nobody bigger than Pixar, located just 30 minutes outside the city of San Francisco. Its anti-conventional approach to non-contracted employees and its famous Pixar Braintrust have made this company a beacon for lifers in the field of animation.

Just like so many locales, San Francisco has jumped on the tax incentive bandwagon. The city offers a rebate program titled As Scene in San Francisco. Productions that qualify are entitled to a tax refund for payroll and city taxes up to $600,000 per production. This is a big draw for low-budget productions. And for larger productions, San Francisco also enjoys the tax incentives and rebates that the rest of the state does courtesy of the California Film and Television Tax Credit Program.

Large and small, there are plenty of opportunities to find entertainment work in the Golden Gate city.