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Fake It Until You Make It ….

Posted on: March 19th, 2015 by


We may all imagine that it’s nice to be somewhere else or to be someone else even if it’s for a little while. It seemed to work for “Cinderella” when she pretends to be the princess she eventually becomes. There is nothing wrong in living and acting in a state of denial as long as you don’t live well above your means as you follow your delusion. Fantasy or fiction, sometimes pretending a life you really want even working in a job you often dream of is the way to get you a little closer to living out your dream for real.

You may heard of the expression, “fake it until you make it” but there may actually be some truth to that when it comes to figuring out how to get what you want from your career. It’s not like you have to play dress up and go into the office disguised as your boss or someone you want to emulate in order to get ahead. But there may be some truth to acting as if you got that promotion, landed that hot assignment or just generally are where you want to be in your career. You may think living in your fantasy world will only distract you from obtaining your real job goals. But faking it until you make it may be the little incentive you need in order to keep you focused and alert to new and exciting opportunities.

We all want to work for a winner. Acting like a winner is one way to garner the support and encouragement of others even if deep down inside you don’t feel you deserve it. It’s okay to have self-doubt from time to time but allowing those feelings to keep you from your goals and the job you truly want is what may halt your career dead in its tracks. When you motivate yourself by believing in what you want and that nothing or no one will stand in the way you are on the road to success whether you like it or not. Living in a world that is abundant with opportunities gives you encouragement and enthusiasm even if you are still trying to figure it all out.

I’m not suggesting you lie on your resume or fabricate how much money you make in order to impress your friends and co-workers. But believing that you can accomplish large scale projects, stretching yourself beyond even your wildest imagination will help you gain the respect and moreover the confidence you need in order to finally push through to getting the job or promotion you really want. It’s very hard to go after what you want when you live under the stress and strain of your everyday life and the pressures of working in a job you hate. Pretending to love what you have while you search for what you want opens you up to new opportunities and develops you in ways that you may have never imagined. So next time some one tells you denial is a river in Egypt, ask them when the next boat takes off and hop on for the ride of your life.

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Question: I've been out of work for a while. Do I take a job offer if the pay is awful?

Answer: Yes, taking a job, sometimes any job particularly if you have not worked in a while is good not only for your paycheck but for your mental health as you search for the job you really want. There is no shame in accepting work for honest pay. You are in transition and you need to remind yourself of that and not feel bad if the job you have now or are considering isn't willing to pay you what you are worth. There will be a job out there that will and you need to use all of your resources available including interim work to realize your goals. Taking a low paying job in the meantime may bruise your ego but it won't kill your pride or your wallet.