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Posted on: August 17th, 2010 by Michael Trust

Remember the adage about having an “elevator speech” or an “elevator pitch”?  Same concept here.

In today’s highly interwoven social networks, it’s very possible that you will run into people with whom you may want to share your job search plans.  Given that your interaction is likely to take place on the “fly”, it’s a great idea to have a 30 Second Resume ready to go – and, by ready to go, I mean well thought out and well articulated, but not so rote as to be awkward like you are reading from a script.

With that in mind, the same “rules” of the job search apply:

  • Know what you want – it makes the conversation easier for both of you and makes it easier to help you. Focus is important here.
  • Be comfortable asking for help – most will help if they can and if you do not take advantage of their time, network, or generosity.
  • Use some quick examples to show that you are qualified for the type of position that you are seeking; but, don’t give an oral version of your resume: it’s too long and no one will remember it. Plus, you’ll have to talk really fast and might be misunderstood. Always show value.
  • No bad mouthing your current or past employer(s). No matter what.
  • No complaining nor whining. No matter what.
  • Don’t be desperate. Put your best foot forward, no matter how hard that may be to do.
  • Stay in touch

By keeping these concepts in mind, you may find that your networking is far more effective.

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Question: I've been out of work for a while. Do I take a job offer if the pay is awful?

Answer: Yes, taking a job, sometimes any job particularly if you have not worked in a while is good not only for your paycheck but for your mental health as you search for the job you really want. There is no shame in accepting work for honest pay. You are in transition and you need to remind yourself of that and not feel bad if the job you have now or are considering isn't willing to pay you what you are worth. There will be a job out there that will and you need to use all of your resources available including interim work to realize your goals. Taking a low paying job in the meantime may bruise your ego but it won't kill your pride or your wallet.