About Greenlightjobs

Greenlightjobs is the media and entertainment industry's premiere career network. As the industry's job posting aggregator we offer up to date job listings across all platforms, as well as offering media and entertainment professionals a place to network and seek career advice and opportunities within the very niche market. Our mission is to offer jobs, jobs, jobs and help you manage your career search through personalized career guidance and opportunities to network, learn what is happening in the industry, apply for positions that are exclusive to the site, showcase your creative and professional work, offer career coaching, resume writing and information about internships and offer industry resources to help you find your own career path. Your career is connected through greenlightjobs.

Lisa Kaye is Founder & CEO for greenlightjobs.com. The company was originally founded in 2001 based on the eHarmony matching concept but instead of using the site to match for dates, Lisa thought the idea could easily be applied to matching candidates to jobs and the company took off! With Lisa's over 20 years background as a senior human resource executive in the media and entertainment industry, she reached out to her extensive list of contacts and in a very grass roots approach built the greenlightjobs brand to include over 50,000 media and entertainment professionals and growing every day! Today the niche site has developed into a "career community" for those specializing in the industry who want to take advantage of the site's social networking, education, career development and personalized career coaching in addition to uploading resumes, reels and looking to "match" to their perfect job from the site's hundreds of weekly job postings.

Lisa began her career in NY working in Human Resources at Disney/ABC, Inc. and quickly was promoted to Lifetime Television (a subsidiary of Hearst-ABC) as Manager when after several years, decided to move to Los Angeles in 1991. Lisa became National Human Resources Director for Ticketmaster and then was recruited to E! as Director and was promoted to Senior Vice President, Human Resources for E! Entertainment Networks in the late 1990's before launching greenlightjobs. Lisa continues to consult with top companies in the industry and has worked as interim head of HR for Pixar, Live Nation, Pure Management Group, and has worked with many other companies as a management consultant. Lisa runs a weekly career advice column "The Career Rebel" and is in the process of publishing her book on the subject of careers under the same title. Born in New York City, Lisa attended St. John's University and is a graduate of Fordham University with a double-major in Journalism and Media Studies with a minor in English-all this while she worked full-time at Disney/ABC!

Samantha (Sam) Levak, Career Counselor, greenlightjobs. Samantha or Sam as we call her at GLJ was born in Salem, OR. She got her Bachelor's degree at Southern Oregon University in Criminology and Psychology. Sam recently moved to Los Angeles and is pursuing her Masters in Clinical Psychology at Pepperdine University (so she can really help with career coaching and counseling!). Sam has an expertise in Social Media, Marketing and IT and we are excited to have her join the GLJ team.

Fun Fact: Samantha is a huge Harry Potter fan and she is part of a book club!

Jeff, Associate Career Consultant, greenlightjobs. Jeff is well, Jeff. He's not shy but he is cheeky. As a member of the team, Jeff "virtually" handles everything. From client and candidate follow up to making sure we all show up to work on time, Jeff is the master delegator. He handles much, but delegates even more. Jeff, what would we do without you?

Fun Fact: Jeff is an accomplished Jai alai player and is President of the Long Beach Condo Association! He also loves dogs.

Simon & Simone, Career Mascots, greenlightjobs. We are very excited to introduce you to Simon & Simone who join the GLJ team as official "Career Mascots". Simon's skills are many but no one can hunt and fetch for great job leads and candidates like Simon! Simone on the other hand is well just happy being Simone. A reminder that no matter how cute you think you are someone (Simon) may come along to grab that job (or treat) right out of your paw! S&S will be posting a regular "Canine Career Blog" designed to impart their wisdom on what it takes to get ahead in this "dog-eat-dog" world. Check them out on www.greenlightjobs.com